After Serving in the United States Navy, I launched a very satisfying career in the financial and investment industry. As Financial Planner and an Account Manager at a large investment brokerage, I thoroughly enjoyed working with families in the planning for their financial security. At some point I realized that I had a desire to work with my hands and to express my creative ability.

It was then that I learned about the Weathersby Guild. During my due diligence, I learned that the company would provide me with the training and expertise to perform restoration and repairs to fine furniture and wood artifacts. Because the Weathersby Guild was closely affiliated with most major furniture removal companies, I was able to access an important revenue stream and resume my love of working with professionals and with families.

Since joining the Weathersby Guild, I have risen to the Master Craftsman level of our craft and to the position of Director of Training with the company.

Al Willis
Weathersby Guild North Alabama.

My wife and I have created and owned several businesses including a well-known franchise. Most of our endeavors have been in the accounting and payroll business. My experience provided me with a keen attention to detail, accuracy, and logic. The only thing missing was the opportunity to closely interact with large sectors of major companies. The Weathersby Guild serves many of the best known removal companies and my franchise has become an integral part of their services. When they inadvertently damage a family's furniture, I have the pleasure of restoring their pieces and the image of the removal company.

Rick Rudd
Weathersby Guild Charleston, South Carolina.

After attending Berry College in Rome Georgia, I worked in a number of fields and couldn't seem to find something that satisfied my desire to work for myself and chart the course of my future. Since joining the Weathersby Guild, I have two franchises and work by appointment only. I thoroughly enjoy repairing and restoring furniture and seeing the satisfaction and gratitude of my customers.

Shelburne Jackson
Weathersby Guild Tulsa
Weathersby Guild Oklahoma City

I learned about The Weathersby Guild after I finished my last tour in the US Army. I had been away from my family for extended periods of time and made it my goal to find a position that would provide a better quality's life for us.

After completing my due diligence, I was confident that the Weathersby Guild franchise could provide an opportunity for me to acquire very specialized skills and a network of clients eager to use my services.

Since joining the Weathersby Guild, I have operated a very successful furniture repair business in Louisville, Kentucky. All of my work is scheduled to accommodate the life style that suits my family's priorities.

The Weathersby Guild training and mentoring programs are tailored to needs of the franchisee being trained. I can always reach Headquarters staff when I have questions about our business model or a repair process.

Jeff Walton
Weathersby Guild Louisville, KY

I have always dreamed of owning my own business. And, I have always loved working with my hands. After a few years in the corporate grind, I began looking at business opportunities and liked the idea of having an established brand to build on.The consultant I was working with suggested several skill-based models but most did not provide the level of training I felt that I needed in order to attain the satisfaction in my work that I was looking for. The Weathersby Guild offered extensive basic and advanced training in the repair of furniture and brought with it, a network of companies eager to work with me. Since becoming a Weathersby Guild franchisee, I look forward to every project and to meeting the professionals with whom I do business. Best part of all is that I have ample time for my family and friends.

Jim Hennessey
Weathersby Guild Central Virginia

There I was - just retired from the US Army and moving into a 9-5 cubical job just did not catch my interest. I have always liked the idea of owning my own business and came across this wonderful opportunity to purchase into the Weathersby Guild in the Richmond VA area. I did a little research on the franchise and went out on a few jobs with a current owner of one. I was amazed at the flexibility and the ability to grow the business or keep it as a one man show. I now have 5 vehicles one the road and we service a 40-mile area from where I live. We have a great opportunity to interact with people on a daily basis and solve problem or just restore furniture to its formal glory. I enjoy what I do and I also bring my children alone with me on certain jobs or have them / family help with the business. If you are looking for an opportunity to work with your hands and have a career that can support your family - give Weathersby Guild a call.

Jason Migliore,
Weathersby Guild Richmond