My wife and I have created and owned several businesses including a well-known franchise. Most of our endeavors have been in the accounting and payroll business. My experience

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Rick Rudd
Weathersby Guild Charleston,
South Carolina.


Nothing left to chance...

At the Weathersby Guild, we believe that the continued success and expansion of our enterprise depends on the initiative and imagination of our leaders and the enthusiastic industry of our franchise membership. Those two components are a sure way to compel every customer to feel something about our service. A feeling that says "wow." We are not satisfied unless every repair we make and every report we construct generates that feeling.

This vision greatly impacts the development of our very positive corporate culture and the objectives of our recruitment program.

We believe that it is not enough to train our franchisees to an elevated skill set. Because we are a very development oriented company, our focus is cultivating vibrant markets that present every franchisee with the potential to achieve their personal and financial goals. We are keenly fixated on maintaining the integrity of the corporate friendships we have fostered over the years and on discovering new avenues for the practice of our skills and expertise.

To this end, the Weathersby Guild has developed a dynamic internet presence program supported by the very best tools aimed at generating and publishing reviews. This initiative is aimed at capturing private residential and commercial furniture repair revenue opportunities. Each Franchisee is provided their own website to address their local market place.

We pay careful attention to developing our internal networks. Those include encouraging and nurturing the membership, qualifying the best candidates for participation in the Weathersby Guild, Crafting the best and most comprehensive training modules, and developing and maintaining the quality of our customer base. Nothing is left to chance.