After Serving in the United States Navy, I launched a very satisfying career in the financial and investment industry. As Financial Planner and an Account Manager at a large investment brokerage,

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Al Willis
Weathersby Guild, North Alabama.

Weathersby Guild- a near perfect path ...

Weathersby Guild- a near perfect path to professional and personal fulfillment. By combining the opportunity for artistic expression, business to business engagement and exposure to exciting relationships, our enterprise can open bring new horizons to your doorstep. We are a low initial investment, low overhead, home based, on-site furniture repair model which is easily scalable to a more expansive enterprise if desired.


Here is what makes us unique- we are a cottage industry which we have developed onto both the domestic and international stage. We are intent on insuring that every franchisee feels that leadership is for them. We operate like an interdependent corporate family with a high level of esprit de corps. That is not going to change.

Our training is tailored to each and every member. The quality of our instruction is a key factor in maintaining the perception that every Weathersby Guild member is a seasoned craftsman. We are dedicated to continually expanding our understanding of the facets of the aesthetics, chemistry, and mechanics of the furniture restoration arts.

Because of the passion of the Weathersby Guild leadership for supporting its franchisees, we have cultivated relationships with domestic and international clients all of whom admire our brand value. Each owner is introduced into that dedicated clientele and is a beneficiary of the good will associated with the Weathersby brand. Good will that has been perpetuated for decades by three generations of craftsmanship.